Use The Keg Koozy as an insulator for your Keggle Mash Tun

Keggle Mash Tun Insulator 1
The Keg Koozy in action at Secession Brewing, Houston, TX

The Keg Koozy can successfully provide insulation for your Keggle or stainless steel Mash Tun. It is heat resistant up to 350º F and has been successfully shown to help control the temperature of your mash tun. Simply use an exacto knife to cut holes wherever needed and zip on – it’s that easy. Much better than reflectix or other “home made” methods now available.

Try it! There’s no risk, if you aren’t completely satisfied simply return it for a 110% refund.

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We’re also looking for your help to spread the word. If you purchase and post a review and picture on your homebrew forum (Homebrewtalk, Northernbrewer, etc…), we’ll refund 50% of your purchase price!

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